Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Favorites - 2/26/10

Jen's Favorites:
I hate saying "fabulous," but this really is FABULOUS.

This is how I thought I'd been dressing all along... until we started Two Closets and I had to actually photograph my clothes and face the reality that I absolutely do not dress this cute.

I want to dress like this!

This definitely does not make me feel remotely blue. Loooooving it.

Anh makes me dream of reasons to wear (er, own) a skirt.

Kate has had a terribly long and crazy week which has really cut into her blog reading time, but nonetheless here are a few awesome Favorites:

My favorite GFY post EVER.

Someday soon I WILL buy skinny jeans, and I WILL try them with heels. And hopefully I'll be able to look 1/10th as cute.

I am in love with this entire outfit, top to bottom.

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