Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Kate

Remember a long time ago when I vowed to post every day this week? Yeah, so I'm pretty sure that I am the only person in the entire universe who could forget this, but... I'm going to be out of town Thursday - Sunday. WHAT is wrong with me? I remembered this a couple hours ago. I'm surprised I didn't miss my flight altogether. I guess there's still a chance that will happen, since, you know, I'm insane.

I know that there has to be some kind of retribution for my negligence. As such, I would like to submit the following photograph.

We good? YEAH WE ARE.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/29/10

I was close - soclose - to not posting today's outfit because I hate the pictures. But a promise (to myself) is a promise, so here's one picture. That's all I've got, folks! That and a cutie dog!

Cardigan: Old Navy
Blouse: Gap
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Target

Dear Jen

I have no outfits to show you today. Because I got rained on while riding home this afternoon, and "soaked and bedraggled" is not a good look for me. And also because I spent the entirety of this WONDERFUL LONG WEEKEND in my pyjamas.

It was amazing.

But even with all the amazingness, I've gotta confess that it was sort of nice to get dressed and do up my hair and even (yes) head back to work this morning. I just feel better when I'm put together, y'know?

(Am I alone in this?)


Dear Kate

Pssst. Are you awake or in food coma?

I'm awake but just barely.

My goal this week is to blog every... zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry about that. My goal this week is to blog everyday.

Miss you,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/24/10

This is how I spent most of the day:

Exciting, huh? But I was freaking COLD!

When I wasn't so freaking COLD!, this is what I looked like:

I'll give the scarf a proper write-up later (w/ good pics) when I've got better light, but for now I'll just say that I like it quite a bit. It makes me happy.

It's really hard to catch the true color of my new glasses, but I think that's pretty accurate. I continue to adore them :-)

Tee: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Scarf: Scarf Shop
Boots: LLBean
Earrings: Umm...?

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/23/10

This was the perfect thing for the less-than-perfect stupidly warm weather.

Don't you love long flowy skirts?

I love these boots. I've had them for almost four years (I bought them on our honeymoon) and have NEVER worn them out of the house. I've always just worn them around the house, thought about wearing them out, then gotten scared of the heel height and taken them off in favor of something more reasonable.

Because I'm an old lady, you see.

Skirt: TJMaxx
Tee: GAP
Cardi: Target
Boots: BCBG
Earrings: mum

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/23/10

I looked pretty girly today. My favorite part is the belt and only because I learned how to make it look cool.

I also just learned that standing here for photos is pointless without the pretty backlighting. Learn me how to take photos!

Cardigan: H&M
Blouse: Old Navy
Belt: J. Crew Outlet
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Headband: Claire's
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW

Dear Jen

Things which can be awesome stylish accessories:


Things which cannot be awesome stylish accessories:

1)A red nose
2)Bag Balm (my udders are fine, thanks for asking. It's for the nose.)
3)Hankies (even if they are really pretty tie-dye)
4)A lung on the floor



Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/22/10

I'm still fighting this stupid cold.

So yesterday I wore new Fluevogs to help:

It didn't work. I may still lose a lung at any moment.

Also? It was 70+ degrees yesterday. END OF NOVEMBER FAIL.

Skirt: thrifted; originally Talbot's
Tee: GAP
Cardigan: Sears, approx 58,000 years ago
Shoes: Fluevog, via endless.com
Earrings: mum
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/22/10

Missed the pretty lighting this morning, because I am a SLEEPYHEAD. Also, Jarod is a sleepyhead.

I should have removed the blazer for pictures since that's how I actually wore this today. Ya know, because I should have anticipated 80* temperatures as November comes to a close. Sweating in November feels extra gross.

Blazer: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Necklace: My closet
Jeans: Martin + Osa
Heels: Nine West

Dear Kate

I think that if you and I went on a date to see Harry Potter, it would be glorious.

Feel better, shnookums. Thinking of you!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/20/10

Occasions: shopping and hanging out with Mom. Eating Thai food. Looking like a dork.

That's not just any supercute patterned tee. No, that's the DRESDEN DOLLS 2010 REUNION TOUR tee. Yes it is. Yes, yes, yes.

(Oh and that's also the cardigan from my ill-fated shopping adventure last weekend.)

Not pictured: the necklace Mom made for me. Which she gave me after we got together. And which I may never take off. You'll love it too, I'm sure.

Cardi: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy
Tee: Dresden Dolls tour
Boots: Fluevog
Earrings: somewhere in Iowa.

The Spoils: The F-word

My friends, I have been bad.

There was a great deal to be had on Endless last week.


Which doesn't look all that exciting, I know. But you haven't looked inside yet. At this:

Oh yes I did.

(At least you know it isn't boots)


I mean, what else am I gonna do when they're only $140, and there's one pair left, and THEY'RE MY SIZE?

My hands were tied.

I'm so in love.

And so poor now.

But so in love.

Surely you understand?

(Besides, I'm just working my way down the list? Which makes total sense.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Favorites - 12/3/10

Jen's Favorites:

Pretty colors! The other day my friend was telling me about her friend's friend who loves purple a lot. Said friend was so touched by someone's generosity that she wrote that person a thank you note in which she exclaimed, "It just purples my heart that you did that for me!"

Beautiful - and practical! - jackets. I want!

Tights inspiration. Love it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/17/10

Simple and comfy and happy.

Can't go wrong.

And the glasses too, of course.

Skirt: thrifted, originally Delia's
Tee: Old Navy
Cardi: Target
Boots: Born
Necklace: Mom, from thrifted elements
Earrings: Wai Sze on Etsy


So remember how a few days ago I asked for your all's opinion on things for my face?

And then remember (OK probably not) how the votes were equally divided among all three pairs? And remember how you all offered amazing and helpful comments re: face shape, color, and other things that I rarely consider in my quest for OOHPRETTY?

OK. Glad we're now all up to speed.

So this is what I did. I went to about a bajillionty more eyeglasses places, armed with commentary and hints from the 30-odd of you who offered opinions and advice (that's commenters here + commenters on KateOhKatie + real life people + my mom's vote counts twice 'cause she knows what's better for me than I do). And I got a pair of glasses. And they're not any of the ones I was considering in that post. But I think you'll approve anyway.

Here they are:

Good, right?

They're dark red with green stripey shiny bits on the outside, and honey-colored on the inside. So they don't make me look even paler than I already do. And the glasses people measured my pupils with a doohickey and ascertained that these are indeed the right size for my face (or something). And for some reason they have Vera Wang's name on them, even though they're not a wedding dress. Which I don't get but whatever. And I <3 them hard. (wedding dress or no)

Do they say "non-conforming post-non-conformist who's kind of hippie-ish and altogether awesome and also isn't Tina Fey" to you?

I hope so.

Plus they actually accentuate my eyes, rather than hide them.

Don't ask how, 'cause I couldn't tell ya.

So...glasses win?

Anyway - <3 you. You, my minions advisers, are the best glasses-picker-outers ever.

Now. Go do my bidding and bring me a cookie. Please.

PS>I went and got them on my lunch break yesterday, and then when I came back in the office three separate people looked at me and said, "There's something different about you...it's good...but I can't tell what...?". Then I pointed at my glasses and they were like "OH YEAH. DURR." So I consider that a good thing - I think that means that they fit with my face and my look? Or something.

Closet Craving: Flower Nest - Whimsical Gold Birdcage Necklace

The only thing - err, things - keeping me from buying this right now is every.other.item in her shop.

Etsy seller ohhellofriend: $25.00

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/18/10

This outfit makes me want to buy more bootcut jeans and heels. It also makes me want some mint chocolate chip ice cream and a Caramilk!

I have to take a nap, you guys. SOME OF US HAVE TO WORK IN THE MORNING (after watching a midnight showing of Harry Potter!!).

Blazer: H&M
Scarf: Gift (Thanks, Kate!)
Earrings: Gift (Thanks, Jess!)
Hairpins: Etsy seller Sandyalamode
Blouse: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Martin + Osa
Heels: Nine West

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/16/10

We went to THE CONCERT on Tuesday night! (It was ossum. I'm going to blog about it on KateOhKatie later.)

So I wore my most rockstar outfit.

Sad that my most rockstar outfit involves tweed, a turtleneck, and handknits - BUT THAT'S HOW I ROLL, YO.

Of course, the Fluevogs totally make up for any other want of rockstar-ed-ness. Yes they do.

(Side note - Wozzie like to lick the floor. Wozzie no smart.)

Skirt: GAP outlet
Turtleneck: Target
Shawl: meee!
Earrings: mum!
Excitement: courtesy of THE DRESDEN DOLLS.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/17/10


1) I'm a wee bit puffy in the AM.
2) This skirt is a wee bit short for work.

I've got nothing folks. I have a one track mind, and it is currently occupied by HARRY POTTER. Tomorrow! Can't wait! Ahhhhh!!

Cardigan: Martin + Osa
Top: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Necklace: H&M
Tights: My dresser
Boots: Target

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/16/10

Whoa. I kind of love this spot in my backyard for photos. Now all I need to do to recreate this daily is to make sure both Jarod AND I have the same schedule in the mornings. :|

I feel like I'm channeling a pilot?

Jacket: Target
Shawl/scarf: MY BELOVED KATE
Tunic: Old Navy
Jeans: Nordstrom
Boots: Target

Dear Kate

Guess what I wore today! The gorgeous invisibility cloak*! I was telling a coworker that a friend knit it for me, and she was shocked because it is just so beautiful. She was also probably a little shocked that anyone would make anything for me. I am known around the office as "Dark Heart."

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is THANKS, AGAIN!!


* Please note our previous agreement that, as Harry Potter fanatics, we are free to refer to the shawl as an "invisibility cloak."

Dear Jen

OK remember how a couple weeks ago I hinted that I was cleaning out my closet?

Well, I did it! And I was going to take pictures, but then I forgot. But it was a successful closet clean-out. I got rid of two trash bags of old clothes, and a cardboard box of shoes, and another two reusable grocery bags with more shoes and with sweaters.

I tried to be relatively moderate in my approach to closet cleaning-out. It was easy to get rid of the things that I haven't worn in years. And the things that were just plain out of style (and too young/trendy to come back *in* style anytime soon), or ill-fitting or ill-cut. I didn't try too hard to be ruthless, though - I still have half a dozen patterned button-down shirts for casual, sleeves-rolled-up wear. I kept a few little tops that I'd gotten at thrift stores but haven't really given much love. I kept both identical Lands End fleece pullovers (red and black) because they're just SO cozy for weekend wear (even though I no longer buy polyester). I kept a lot of things which - if I'm being honest with you - I think I'll probably be getting rid of in my next clean-out. But that's OK, right? Baby steps, and all that.

So with lots of newly-empty hangers in my closet, and newly-visible floor space, I...went shopping.

BUT! (here's where it gets interesting). On Saturday I approached the mall specifically with the purpose of "I have money. I wish to spend money for clothes. Please let me give you money for clothes."

I had sorta-specific goals in mind, even - a grey skirt. Another winter-y dress. Some cute non-neutral heels. Heeled boots that I could wear with my long skirts. A long flowy skirt. A statement necklace.

I had a 30% discount for the GAP, BR, and Old Navy. So I started there. I found nothing. I decided to check out the Anthropologie sale room. Nothing. (!!! This is how you know it's getting bad...). I popped into The Limited. Naturalizer. NY&Co. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.


(Well, here I must confess - but for a light grey cotton cardigan. But that's beside the point, and was not one of my goals anyway.)

Jen, do you have any idea how bad things are when I cannot find a single thing to buy in the GAP or Anthropologie? Let me restate it - NOTHING IN THE GAP OR ANTHROPOLOGIE. WHEN I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND. BURNING A HOLE IN MY POCKET.

This is not so good.

I was so despondent, I didn't even get a soft pretzel.

I headed home dejected and nearly empty-handed.

So...what do you think is the lesson here? Why did my shopping expedition fail so?

Well, believe it or not, I wouldn't really consider it a failure. Sure, I went shopping. Sure, I failed to find anything. But here's why:

1)I was shopping mindfully, not blindly. I wasn't shopping to fill any emotional void, or out of boredom, or spite. I had a few general ideas in mind, and hoped to meet some of them. I wasn't too specific, nor too vague. It wasn't "a black long-sleeved wool dress" or "a dress", but "a winter dress".

2)I kept a firm eye for quality. It's long been documented that I don't mind spending money on high quality, classic items. But now I'm broadening that scope - *all* I want to buy, now, are high quality, classic items. I no longer have the desire to get that itchy acrylic sweater, or the weakly-seamed cotton skirt, or the shoes with glue-edges showing. I have better things to spend my money on. And when I *don't* find things like that, well, I won't spend it.

3)I've adjusted my price caps accordingly. Now this is so subjective, and varies for me nearly by the hour. But in general, I think that right now I'm willing to pay more for things than I was in the past - but only if they meet the quality goals set above. However, I'm not the type to pay for a name or a logo. So no, I won't pay $75 for that cute little (acrylic) cardigan at Banana Republic (especially when I can knit a better one for the same amount). But if it's all cotton and a cute style, I'll pay $12 for a clearance item at Old Navy. I think this makes me a hypocrite. I don't think I care.

So would you consider that a failure, Jen? I didn't obtain Stuff, but I also didn't obtain ugly worthless Stuff. I kept my money, instead. For a while, at least...

(to be continued, in the form of "The Spoils"...)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/15/10

Honestly, some mornings I just throw things together that I know do not match and just hope for the best. It's not unlike my approach to food. "Surely eating this bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream AND this entire Caramello is not bad for me."

Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Target
Belt: J. Crew Outlet
Tights: TNA via Aritzia
Boots: Target

Friday, November 12, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/12/10

It may not look like much, but I'm calling this outfit a TRIUMPH.

Because originally I was wearing something else which wasn't that flattering, and which I wasn't that wild about. But instead of leaving the house in the unflattering icky thing, and then being miserable all day, and then being in a bad mood all night, I (for once) had the good sense to think to myself, "Self, this outfit would make you very unhappy. Take two minutes and change. The world will be a better place for it." And for once, I listened to myself. And changed. And now I am happy today.

Also? Morning outfit pictures rock. (Good suggestion, Jen!)

Cardi: Old Navy
Tank: thrifted
Jeanskirt: Old Navy
Boots: Born
Jewelry: mumsie

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/11/10

Yikes. AM photos. This will take some getting used to. If I were one to use "LOL," I'd use it now:


Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Heels: Steve Madden

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/10/10

Man. Man, oh, man. I am confused by Daylight Savings. Jarod is confused by photography. Dimitri is confused because he is a dog. We are just struggling in my household.

We are in need of a tripod. And daylight. And skillz.

Cardigan: Target
Blouse: Old Navy
Headband: THE HOMELAND (i.e. Korea)
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Camper via Nordstrom

Daily Outfits - Kate - 11/9/10 and 11/10/10

What do these two outfits have in common?


That's right, they're two perfectly nice outfits, with photos ruined by laziness-induced flash photography, flyaway hairs, and an unexplained state of frumpiness on the part of the wearer.

I'm sorry, clothes. You deserve better.

And that is why daylight savings time can KISS MY ASS.

Dress: Old Navy
Scarf: Plowsharing Crafts
Boots: Fluevog
Earrings: someplace in Iowa, about ten years ago

Skirt: GAP
Cardi: Target
Tee: garage sale
Boots: 704b, via DSW
Shawl: handknitted by meeee!
Earrings: Kirksville farmer's market

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Jen

Know what my favorite thing is about this cooler weather?

If you guessed "boots" you'd be correct.

OK so know what my SECOND favorite thing is about this cooler weather?

Yep. Scarves.

Is there anything better than having a big cuddly woven scarf, or squishy knitted shawl, wrapped around your neck?

A great scarf can really make an outfit - it can add the perfect pop of color, or tone down a mass of busy print, or tie together a bunch of disparate elements.

A long scarf can make you look long and lean, and a thick scarf knotted near your neck can help balance a heavier bottom half (not that I'd know anything about THAT. Ahem.) Plus, scarf + ponytail = instant sexy nerdiness. What's not to love?

Not to mention the warmth. And beautiful colors. And patterns. And materials (silk! wool! cotton!)

So I think it should come as no surprise that I have about 20 in my wardrobe currently, and am always looking to expand.

Poor wardrobe.

::contented sigh::


Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/8/10

I rarely wear this sweater because it's acrylic. And every time I wear it, I really wish it were wool instead.

To me, acrylic just doesn't breathe. It pills up really quickly and looks ragged and just doesn't feel nice against my skin.

But have you ever tried to buy a wool sweater with this much drape and yardage? For how much it costs, I may as well spend the same $$ on yarn, knit my own and get some fun out of it, too, right? :-P

But all that aside, I did like yesterday's outfit. The color palette really worked for me: a bright primary (the tights), a bright secondary (the sweater), and a muted secondary (the tank), along with neutral browns. I doubt that's a formula you'd find in any color guidelines, but I liked it :-)

Sweater: somewhere in Chicago, 2/2010
Tank: Target
Skirt: Sears, circa 2008
Maryjanes: no clue
Tights: F21
Earrings: Mom

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Kate

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with the cooler weather. Part of it is that now I can dress in cute fall clothes, but another part of it is that sub-70* weather is a relief. I am in Texas, after all.

I really needed the hour that we gained this weekend. Who isn't happy about that? But one thing I failed to realize until around 6:15 this evening when I walked out of my office is that... whoa, it is now pitch black when I leave work! Sucks for pictures, playa.

I am going to not post outfit pictures tonight. I am going to cite the aforementioned lack of daylight as reasoning, but I really just don't like my outfit. Forgive?


Friday, November 5, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 11/04/10

Sometimes you just need to go unbelted, know what I'm sayin'?

Have a great weekend!

Tunic: H&M
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Target
Hairpin: Etsy seller Sandyalamode

Friday Favorites - 11/05/10

Jen's Favorites:

What in the world? Why do I like this?

Monochromatic done right.

Kate's Favorites:

Can I use this for real outfit inspiration Please?


Help me! I'm trapped! I see...circuits! And fans! And a giant LCD! AND I CAN'T GET OUUUUTTT!

...Wait. That's my plan for if I ever get trapped in the computer.

Now, however, I retire an entirely different form of help.

Last night, you see, Jeff and I went glasses shopping. And I'll be damned if I can't make up my mind. I have three contenders to choose from. And I need your input.

Things to keep in mind:

* I never wear contacts, so these things will be on my face for 16 hours a day for the next five-ish years.
* I want some which are kinda funky, but not too funky. Not too much one "look", but versatile and good with all sorts of outfits and hairstyles &c. Glasses which are really *me*, y'know?
* I have ridiculously close-set eyes (thanks Dad), so that makes it sort of hard to find glasses which fit my eyes (ie, so my eyes are in the center of the lens) *and* my face (ie, so that they don't look like I crammed kids' glasses on my face).

Contender #1: (hair down)

Contender #1: (hair up)

These frames are actually a burgundy-purple color. I love the slight cats-eye shape, but I'm not wild about how they're only half-rim or whatever - I think they make my face look too top-heavy. I also think that if you look at them on my face straight-on, they're kind of too small (they don't go to the edges of my face, and the arms are a bit stretched outward. Not much, but a bit.)


Contender #2: (hair down)

Contender #2: (hair up)

These are actually pretty neat - they're not black; they're three layers of plastic. The outer layer is a transparent blue; the middle layer is a dark reddish brown; the inner layer is a blonde tortoise-shell. So when they're on, they mostly look dark brown. But then there are flashes/hints of the blue, when that catches the light. And the tortoiseshell gives them a super cool textured/mottled look. However, I'm not sure if they may look a bit dated really quickly? And I think they're a bit big for my face. But I like the height of the lenses, too.


Contender #3: (hair down)

(you can tell I was really sick of this game, by this point. Slumped shoulders...tired smile..."just take the damn picture" expression...)

Contender #3: (hair up)

These are also dark brown - not black. The only thing I really like about them is they make my face look nice and angular, and they've got the whole "sexy nerd" vibe. But would that get annoying after a (very short) while? Or is it awesome?


Last night I just couldn't make up my mind. This morning, however, I'm tempted to scrap all three, and go look somewhere else. So help me out, here. Should I go with:

Pair #1

Pair #2

Pair #3

or Pair #go-look-somewhere-else;these-all-suck


PS>Mom likes #2. Jeff and a random stranger like #1. The salesguy liked #3.

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