Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear Kate

The whole 3-day weekend thing totally threw me off, and I almost forgot that today is Monday! How was your weekend? Mine consisted of supervising Jarod while he replaced our outlets and switches, buying a Hibiscus plant, stuffing my face, and a last minute shopping trip (hooray!).

Look at this super cute dress that I tried on! Of course, I bought it. I had to! Sometimes when I get pretty new things, I want the debut to be so perfect that I end up putting it off, but not.this.time. I plan to wear it tomorrow, and I hope I do it justice, because MAN IT IS CUTE.

You know what else is cute? YOU!


Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/31/10

I was in my PJs until about noon when my friend, Sara, invited me to go to Ann Taylor Loft today. So, knowing that I was going to be trying on (hopefully) cute clothes, I dressed comfortably and practically.

I'm going to have to start wearing sunglasses in these damn photos.

Cardigan: Tulle
Top: DKNY from a loooong time ago
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yay or Nay

Happy long weekend, everybody! I get to fill my time with errands! and cleaning!

I know you're jealous. You should be.

So here's a question for y'all. I bought this last week at Marshalls:

Supercute, isn't it? I love the prints and the sorta full shape, but it's sort of hard to pull that off when you're 5'2" (I'm wearing it with heels, above).

Maxi skirts are in lately, right?

So if I wore it with a shorter top to balance out my proportions (I just threw it on with the rest of Wednesday's outfit for the above photos), d'you think it would work? DOES it work?

Honest opinions, please. I want to make sure I'm not foregoing good sense in favor of OOH A PRETTY PRINT AND NICE SOFT COTTON!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/28/10

No pictures, I know. Sorry! Honestly, though, how many times do you really want to see variations on this outfit? Today's version: white tee and my platform Target sandals. Boring! Comfortable and extremely boring.

This weekend, we have out-of-town friends who will be nearby tubing on the river. They are majorly pressuring us to join them, so I may need to do some last minute swimsuit shopping. I don't even remember how to shop for a swimsuit. Is it like riding a bike? It'll all come back to me, right?

There is a J. Crew swimsuit I've been lusting after, but with my track record of flipping over in my tube on the river, I don't know how practical a red-orange bikini is. At least I'll be easy to spot for the rescue team.

Friday Favorites - 5/28/10

Jen's Favorites:
This is how I want to dress, all the ding dang dong time.

I already had a crush on Diane Kruger because of the whole multilingual thing, and this gorgeousness just fuels it.

I want all of these, but not for a baby. Sometimes a grown woman just NEEDS a white porcelain mounted bird head. Know what I mean?

How does Anh constantly look so flawless and put-together? HOW?

Kate's Favorites:
Love this color palette - so cool and refreshing! I need a white skirt...

Diet Coke nail polish? Amazing.

I shall wear this to the next ball. (ummm...anybody hosting a ball?)

Quite possibly the best advice I've ever read. Ever.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/27/10

I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty! I feel pretty! And witty! And briiiiight!

I love that my legs are several shades lighter than the rest of my body.

Cardigan: Newport News
Dress: Tulle
Belt: Gap
Sandals: Target

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/26/10

I walked all the way to my front door this morning with my peep-toe black heels in tow. Then, I started imagining a bunch of scenarios in which I trip and re-break my foot. I panicked, put the heels down, and put these flats on. Meh. Safety first?

Contrary to what this photo illustrates, I do, in fact, own a lint roller. Now, look at my pretty shirt!

Blazer: H&M
Top: H&M
Belt: J. Crew
Jeans: Martin + Osa
Flats: Steve Madden

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/26/10

today was one of those days where I had a Grand Vision, and then after much changing and tossing and switching and flinging and dropping and mixing, I was left with an entirely mediocre result.

Ever have those days?

Still though I <3 this skirt so I'm happy :-)

Also since it's apparently Dog Week here on our lil' ol' blog, behold:

I call it, "takes 1 through 15, representative."

She's a love!

Skirt: Talbot's, via TJMaxx
Tank: GAP
Tee: Target
Necklace, earrings: mi madre
Ring: booth at Maple Leaf, fall 2009
Sandals: Privo, summer 2009

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/25/10

Some days are so exhausting that I can't even stand up to have my picture taken. Dogs in my lap and on the floor and all around make me happy!

Cardigan: H&M
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW
Necklace: catbird

Closet Craving: Ruched V-neck Dress

Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/24/10

I'd always assumed that Jarod thought I looked beautiful every day. Apparently, when he actually thinks I look beautiful, he'll let me know. When I got home from work today, he told me how pretty I looked about a million times. So, either this outfit is out-of-this-world amazing or Jarod wants something from Fry's.

The reason I own this fake pearl necklace is because I wanted the matching fake pearl bracelet and fake pearl earrings for my wedding day. 3 1/2 years later, I finally decided there was no time like the present to debut the necklace.

Shirt: H&M
Necklace: OOoollllddd
Skirt: Old Navy (clearance!)
Sandals: Target

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/24/10

I am seriously on the fence about this top:


On the other hand - ICK.

Ya know what I mean?

So what do you think, dear readers?

Pros: nice color. fun texture (the stripes are actually part of the knit). cute little puffy sleeves. good length.

Cons: looks like a maternity top. gapes and sags most unappealingly. sorta 2003-esque.

Top: Kohls, 2007ish
Tank: thrifted, originally Old Navy
Skirt: GAP
Sandals: Privo, summer 2009
Necklace and earrings: my one and only mother

Dear Jen


I realized something ELSE, too. I haven't really felt *pretty* and happy in a long time. Even my good outfits have things which I REALLY REALLY dislike about them. Is that a problem with the outfits, or with the outfit wearer? After hearing you talk about how much you loved your superawesome Friday getup, I realized that I want to feel like that too! Happy is a good thing! (PSA brought to you by the letter D, for Diet Coke).

Seriously. I need to change something. And maybe mix things up. Which means one thing - ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINOS! :-)

Or, um, a trip to Goodwill.


Dear Kate

This week, your Korea souvenir is going in the mail! Are you so excited! I am so excited. I hope you really, really, really (REALLY) love it.

Speaking of loving things, I love you in this skirt. And I am crazy about you in a headband. Let's just wear headbands all the ding dang dong time. There's not a rule against that, right? I have a few, but most of them hurt my big ass head. I get massive headaches, and I'm pretty sure they stem from the pressure of the headband behind my ears. Sad, eh? Since I love my Korean headband and it doesn't hurt at all, is it acceptable to wear it all day everyday? I've been kicking myself for only bringing one home.

I felt so wonderful on Friday, I am inspired to make this entire week wonderful! I haven't planned a single outfit, but I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.

Headbands, twirly skirts, cute sandals - man, I am loving spring.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorites - 5/21/10

Jen's Favorites:

Spring is here! I am coveting Kendi's shirt very, very, very badly.

I am really obsessed with headbands, right now. Obsessed with headbands like this beauty! I just wrote "handbands" twice, by accident. What is wrong with me!

At first glance, I was not digging this outfit on Reese Witherspoon. But the more that I look at it, the more I am in love with it. I wish jean jackets were practical. Boo Texas heat.

Kate's Favorites:
LOVE this outfit from Sal!

I need to read Obsessive Consumption.

Oh, Alexander. ::tear::

Audi's beautiful dress (love that shade of blue) - I adore it. I need it!

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/21/10

It's official, y'all.

I am WAY too addicted to full, twirly skirts.

And I fear a headband addiction might be forthcoming - why didn't anyone ever tell me they were SO CUTE?!

Skirt: Target
Tee: Target
Cardigan: I dare you to guess :-P
Flats: Born via TJMaxx
Earrings: MOM!
Necklace: vintage, via Mom
Ring: Sears (high school graduation gift :-))

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/21/10

I felt sooooo good in my clothes, today. SO GOOD. In my book, that makes this outfit wonderful. The blazer actually turned out to be insanely comfortable, and with the rolled-up sleeves I didn't feel uncomfortably warm. Man, I really felt good in this.

Blazer: H&M
Tee: Old Navy (clearance!)
Necklace: Oooollllddddd
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Sandals: Target

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/20/10

Man. This is not how I imagined the debut of my new H&M blouse to look. Only I could sabotage such a pretty top. I really wanted to wear a blazer with this, but it is just too ding dang dong hot.

For dinner, I changed into jeans, and it instantly made the outfit better. Better, but not awesome.

Cardigan: Tulle
Blouse: H&M
Necklace: Thrifted
Skirt: Old Navy (clearance!)
Flats: Steve Madden

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/20/10

As long as the October-like weather sticks around in St. Louis, I'm gonna wear October-like outfits.

But more importantly - I've got my camera back! So much happiness. So much *still* to learn about self-photography. I've got the remote hidden in my pocket here, but alas there's no one to tell me "You're standing funny - it looks like you don't have a waist."

I'm going to start training Roxie to help me out with that. I'm sure she'd be capable and willing, right?


This outtake cracks me up:

I call it, "Is this thing on?"


Skirt: GAP, fall 2009 (best. $20 investment. ever.)
Cardigan: Old Navy, eons ago
Tee: Gap, 2009ish
Boots: LLBean
Necklace and earrings: mamma mia

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/19/10

I really wanted to wear something fun (a skirt! a dress!), but I had to be practical since my x-ray was this afternoon. And I have good news. I WON A MILLION DOLLARS. And by I WON A MILLION DOLLARS, I mean to say that my podiatrist gave me the greenlight to drive and "wear cute shoes."

He said no aerobics or running for six weeks, to which I replied, "Ha! That won't be a problem." If he had said that I couldn't eat chocolate for six weeks, however, I would have had to lay down the smackdown. But why would he have said that? He's a foot doctor!

Blouse: H&M
Necklace: catbird
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Kate

I am here! Well, kind of. Physically, I'm back. Mentally... eh, notsomuch. Jet-lag is a little biatch!

It is summer, here. It is hot. I got those blazers, and now it's too hot to wear them. DANG. Oh, and I want to wear my cute Target sandals, but I'm supposed to be wearing that ugly boot... but I haven't, so I'm wearing tennis shoes and flats. Tomorrow is my x-ray! Tomorrow, the doc is going to say YOU ARE HEALED! YOU CAN DRIVE! YOU CAN WEAR PLATFORMS! AND FLY!

My exhaustion is manifesting itself in the form of crazy rambling. Thanks for putting up with me.

Missed you! Glad to be back!


Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/18/10

All I care about is the headband on my head!

Cardigan: Tulle
Tank: Old Navy (clearance!)
Headband: Doota
Jeans: Martin + Osa
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/17/10

Would you believe me if I said that this face took all the effort that I could muster? It really did.

This vest was my first Korea purchase! I saw it on the hanger and loved it and asked Jarod to buy it for me and then had a heart attack after we bought it when I did the currency conversion and loved it still!

Cute little bird!

Vest: Thursday Island
Tee: Old Navy (clearance!)
Necklace: Gift
Jeans: Martin + Osa
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/18/10

I can take these photos one of two ways:

1)"Obviously I'm still working out this whole 'photography with timer' thing."


2)"I call this pose...abandoned marionette!"

Next, we have either
1)"Look ma! My neck!"


2)"Wow that bitch has orange hair."

I'll leave it up to you, and whatever particularly tickles your funnybone.

Skirt: thrifted, originally Talbots
Tee: garage sale in Kirksville circa 2006
Cardigan: Target, early spring 2010
Flats: Born, summer 2008
Necklace: Kohl's? Forever 21? Something...circa 2003 or 2004
Earrings: pearl studs; Meierotto's

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Jen



Where the heck are you, friend?

I'm exploring the outermost reaches of my capabilities, as my precious Nikon sits in the repair shop and I take pictures - for both blogs - with my $60 P&S. I miss my Nikon. Hold your dear camera close, m'dear. You never know when it will leave you, albeit temporarily.

Same goes for husbands. Although mine will be back every weekend and I am SO GLAD! SO GLAD THAT I WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT FOR TWO MINUTES. GAWD I AM ANNOYING.

Finally, it has been about 50* here for like two weeks now. Which is nice for delaying the inevitable end of boot season. Soon it will be summer, and I will be sad.

I miss you, friend! I hope you find your way back to our little blog soon :-)

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/17/10

It's a double whammy today:
1)Outfit photos with my cheapo P&S.
2)Outfit photos sans Jeff.


But I just told myself - "Lots of people do this ALL THE TIME, self. And they survive. And so can you."

So I did.


I miss Jeff.

ALTHOUGH yay for this extended early spring-like weather - I may be wearing these LLBean boots into June! :-D

Dress: Old Navy, 2009?
Tights: Target
Boots: LLBean
Necklace and earrings: mi madre

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Closet Craving - Frye Campus Boots

What's that you say? "Not boot season"? PISH TOSH.



(Frye Campus 14L, in "Sunrise")

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quiz O' The Day

Q: What happens when an SD card spontaneously breaks (as in, cracks) inside your camera?

A: First you throw a temper tantrum, then you call the repair shop, then you put on your pyjamas and eat ice cream.

Just in case you ever wondered :-P

For what it's worth, today's outfit was supercute - a full embroidered skirt with a fitted light-blue buttondown and my birds-on-a-branch necklace. AND my hair looked great - wavy and full.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Closet Craving: Three Brown Silk Roses on a Headband

All I want to do right now is wear headbands. I have you to thank for that, Korea.

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/11/10

This, my friends, is the face of pure, unadulterated pride:

And also exhaustion. For today, I rode my bike to and from the train station, instead of driving! For the first time ever! And I survived! Read all about it here, if you're interested. Which you probably aren't. That's OK; I heart y'all anyway.

So anyway, that's why I look so tired, and proud.

As promised, this was my attempt at black + brown + grey. Does it count as cheating because the plaid top has all three colors already? I hope not, 'cause I love it.

Top: Nordstrom Rack, Chicago, winter 2009/2010
Tee: Target, 2007ish
Skirt: GAP, 2008
Boots: LLBean
Belt: Target, 2008 or 2009?
Earrings: Meierotto's
Necklace: Mumsie

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/10/10

It's a one-pic day today, kiddos.

I love this high-waisted skirt. Love everything about it - how slender I feel with it on, how the length is perfect, the superdark wash. But I also hate it. How I'm constantly pulling it down, how if it's not sitting exactlyright across my midsection then I look like Queen of the Fupas.

So I only wear it once in a while, and when I do I simultaneously adore and loathe it.

Such is my life.

Cardigan: Target
Tee: Sears, summer 2008
Jeanskirt: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Sandals: Privo, summer 2009
Earrings: Mumsie
Necklace: vintage, from Mom

The Spoils: H&M (Seoul)

My strategy: buy stuff for work.

LOOK! Blazers! I could have sworn that I (read: my aunt) also bought a khaki one, since I remember taking it off of the mannequin. It wasn't in my bag, though, so I could be crazy. I probably am crazy. What am I saying? I am crazy.

Man, I am so pumped to wear all of this.
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