Sunday, March 21, 2010

Frunday (Friday + Sunday) Favorites - 3/21/10

Jen's Favorites:
This necklace is apparently out of stock, now. Boo. Still freaking cute!

Am a little (read: a lot) obsessed with Tieka's outfit. That blueeee! Those layerssss!

Dingity dang! These heels are out of stock, too. They are so cute, they make me SICK.

I love books. Pretty books are a bonus!

One of my favorite outfits I've seen lately! I'm too chicken to try something like a red blazer, though. Sometimes I suck

Kate's Favorites:
Great post from Academichic to help me think outside the belt box. If I had a belt box. Which I guess I do, metaphorically speaking.

SWF's take on the Joan Barbie. I think I like her version better than the doll itself!

AWESOME tights, beautiful color palette.

Can one take style inspiration from a non-style source? what if this is the source?

I can't decide if this would make me look awesome, or even shorter than I already am.

I'm loving the color inspiration this week! Another amazing palette.

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