Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Jen



So I sorta feel like last week was a bust for me. The outfits were OK, sure, but I didn't really push myself at all - and isn't that sorta what we're supposed to be doing? I don't want to fall into another lull, even if the new lull is more put-together than the old lull (has the word "lull" lost all meaning for you yet?)

I can't wait to see what you're having delivered! I have big plans for the outlet malls this week :-) and I'm gonna try really hard to branch out too. You're so inspiring!

Oh but this was weird - on Saturday Jeff and I went to the mall specifically so I could buy clothes (not, like, for a new lip balm and a charger for Jeff's PS3 controllers or something.). We only went to a few shops - Anthropologie (where I exclusively shop from the second-markdown sale area), Francesca's, and Urban Outfitters - and would you believe I didn't find ANYTHING? Everything was so ugh - gross 80's prints that I'M TOO OLD FOR BECAUSE I HAD BARBIE CLOTHES JUST LIKE THAT IN 1988, skirts that were cute except HELLO! TOO FREAKING SHORT, tops that were great except OMG IS $79.99 THE *MARKED DOWN* PRICE?!?!?. I ended up leaving the mall with a pair of clearanced tights and a belt from Urban Outfitters, and Guitar Hero World Tour for our Playstation. Can we call that "mixed success"?

Anyway, moral of the story is, that was rather demoralizing. And also, what am I supposed to do when I can't find any clothes I like? Start wearing tracksuits from Coldwater Creek and ordering the early bird special at Denny's? I'm only 24, for chrissakes!

I have like six ideas for *your* challenge item, m'dear. But I think we should sort out ground rules, first - like: must the item be thrifted? Should we go with an "under $10? under $20?" price guideline? WHAT IS THE PUNISHMENT IF I FAIL?!?! etc.

I'm gonna stop yelling now, and go eat dinner. Have a wonderful night, and week, and Roxie said to give you kisses. Well not so much "said" as "licked the keyboard while I'm typing this." And that may have more to do with some stray ranch dressing than affection for you specifically. But I know she loves her Aunt Jen anyway :-)



Jennifer said...


Does not have to be thrifted! Under $20! Under $10 is cool, too! Ain't no thannnngg

Accidental said...


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