Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 3/24/10

I'm feeling ornery today.

Even so, I'm rather proud of this outfit. I've had this skirt since high school and I've always worn it one way - with my old teal button-down and strappy black sandals. This was the first time ever - EVER - that I've worn it with anything else. I'm branching out! And it doesn't totally suck!

Oh, and check out the belt - that's one of my Sarasota finds! I'm madly in love with the color :-)

Also, it's official. I *must* find a fair replacement for this cardigan. It's what I really wanted to wear with today's outfit, but I've gotten to the point where I "save" it more worthy days. So I wore the pictured cardigan instead, which I don't like nearly as well. ::sigh::

What do you think? Is it stupid to "save" my favorite items? Even if they're raggedy 10-year-old white cardigans?

I kinda like the tone-on-tone necklace, by the way. It added a little texture to the outfit, I think, without a whole bunch of color discordance.

Button-down: Sears, summer 2008
Cardigan: Francesca's Collections, summer 2009
Skirt: really freaking old. Originally Kohls, maybe?
Boots: Born, winter 2008/2009
Necklace: Ummm...Kohls?
Ring: MacroSun

PS>What's the verdict on boots-without-tights? Acceptable springtime wear, or kinda trashy? Hopefully the former.

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Accidental said...

I really like your outfit today. You look very nice.

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