Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 3/2/10

Sooooo, yesterday. That was awesome. It's out of my system, now, and I am prepared to go forth and try to be fashionable.

The weather has been so crazy, here. Snow last week, and today the high was in the 60s. It's so stupid, and it makes outfit-planning pointless.

I'm trying to think of March Fashion Objectives - any suggestions? I did pretty well in February. Admittedly, I didn't get those dang vegan shoes, but it was not without trying. I'll try again in March!

Sometimes I don't iron my shirts, and I like to pretend that they still look okay. Let's pretend that this looks okay.

Cardigan: Newport News (I wish I had this cardigan in every color that exists in the world!)
Blouse: Very ancient Banana Republic
Jeans: Vigoss Studio via Nordstrom Rack
Flats: Seychelles via Nordstrom

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