Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate and Jeff - 3/2/10

I'm extra excited about today's post, because I convinced Jeff to make an appearance here on the blog. He was dressed up for an oral argument today (he's a law student) and looked SO FREAKING CUTE that I figured y'all might wanna see his yummyness :-)

Couldn't you just eat him up?

Cutest law student I know :-)


My turn!

I continue to <3 this trench. I find it intriguing.

You know what else is intriguing?


(not quite the same effect when the flasher is clothed, is it?)

Something about about this light has the effect of creating bumps and lumps where there are none. I LOVE this skirt (which isn't actually filled with weird lines, as it appears above) I thrifted a couple months back and it's super flattering on. It's a nice heavy jersey with enough fullness to really balance a more fitted top. Oh and the blue-on-blue layering? So much fun. I've gotta try same-color layering again!

This is also the blog- and life-debut of my scarf! I just finished knitting and blocking it the other day :-) I set it out this morning and planned the rest of the outfit around it. You can probably tell.

Tee: GAP Outlet
Sweater: GAP, winter 2009
Skirt: thrifted
Tights: Target
Boots: Born, fall 2009
Earrings: Mummy
Scarf: handknitted by me!
Bracelet: thrifted


Diana said...

Jeff looks sharp!
I love your new scarf too. The colorway is gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

I love that you got Jeff to agree to make an appearance! I'm still working on Jarod :)

Accidental said...

Jeff will be relieved to know that I don't want to "eat him all up." However, I'm sure that whatever the argument was about, he won. Probably made them cry on the way home, too.

Posting this pic on my office door!

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