Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 3/30/10

I really liked this outfit on, but as usual I was less than thrilled with the photographic evidence.

That dress came out of the wash sorta funny; since it's a bit big all over I may pop it in the dryer next time (I usually hang-dry all my clothes) and see if that helps.

All day long I felt like a very stylish 1930's farmwife. In a good way. The open, relaxed cardi, the simple dress, the classic and comfortable shoes. Except the jewelry. I don't think many 1930's farmwives had this necklace:

So I give this outfit a 9 for in-person appearance and a 4 for photographic. ::sigh::

(I think I'm going to try for more simple, comfortable, wearable styles. I feel like a lot of my outfits sometimes are better in concept than in execution; I'm hoping to remedy that this spring :-))

Dress: thrifted, BCBG
Cardigan: handknitted by meee! Whisper Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig (available in spring 2009 IK)
Shoes: Softspots, 2009
Necklace and earrings: custom design by my custom designer

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Accidental said...

Are you wearing white tights?

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