Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Jen

I missed youuuuu!!!! It wasn't until I got back and read your "where the heck are you, you weirdo?" email that I realized - I ran off to Florida and posted about it on my other blog, but not here. D'oh! Consider my wrist slapped and ego checked. And thank you for not reporting me to the Missing Persons list. That would've been embarrassing when I turned up in Florida, sitting on my in-laws' porch, eating Special K, huh?

At any rate, I think you did a marvelous job holding down the fort in my absence. Just proves it doesn't take two to tango. Or...something like that. Although wow, Delia's really sucks. I remember getting their catalogue when I was a young teen and wanting EVERYTHING in there (I especially remember their little diagrams to show circumferences of their bell bottoms). Guess now I should be glad that my mom never let me order their stuff? It's not a total loss though, because now I see that you look AWESOME in that gorgeous dark purple color! So pretty :-)

Speaking of awesome, you really rocked the cinched belt look! I'm glad it made you feel Hepburn-esque, and hope you'll be wearing the style again in the future! It's my goal to share the joys of the cinched belt all across the land.

I'll be back - hopefully later tonight - to share all about my adventures in Sarasota with the lovely Diana (who already did a write-up of the adventures, here). I can't wait to share my finds! :-)


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