Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Spoils: Ann Taylor Loft

When your partner-in-Ann-Taylor-Loft-crime tells you that it's time to get your shop on, you GO. Even if the commute is 30 minutes, because, for whatever reason, the only location remotely near you is in the middle of nowhere. You will be rewarded for your loyalty. You will show up, and your entire purchase will be 40% off. And the discount will be useful, because you will love lots of things that you try on.

You will come home from a successful shopping trip and throw your shopping bag and empty frappuccino cup at your husband as you walk through the door, because you really really have to pee. Your husband will call you out on your shopping when you walk out of the bathroom, because he saw your purchase via online banking when "checking on something else." You will defensively exclaim, "EVERYTHING WAS 40% OFF!" and show him your cute clothes, and everyone will be happy!

I felt like a really crazy focused person on my way to Loft. My goal was to NOT buy solid-colored clothing, because that is honestly what most of my wardrobe is, and it is frustrating. The plan was to find blouses made of pretty prints. I realize my new dress is a solid, but it's also denim, and that's unique! And it made me feel amazing! And you don't just put something that makes you feel amazing back on the rack! And I realize that 3 of my 4 new tops are solids, but they're interesting! And they made me feel amazing! And you don't just put things that make you feel amazing back on the rack!



Kate said...

I love it all! A LOT!

Interesting solids don't count as solids, in my opinion.

Also, chocolate is healthy as long as you dip it in peanut butter, and going on a walk on your lunch break *totally* counts as working out. Since you asked. :-P

Diana said...

Beautiful! I especially love that peach colored blouse.

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