Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 6/15/10

There's a cat rubbing his face on my hands and laptop as Itype this, so pleasesees forgive me for any typos.They're nott my fault.


I loved today's outfit waaay morethan you would think a person should love a relatively unexciting outfit. I felt so happy and cool and comfortable and awesome in this!

I'm also going to officially name it my "middle school art teacher" outfit 'cause doesn't it just have that vibe??

I love my Ohm scarf and late afternoon sunlight and the color black.

What I don't necessarily love is having every 30th photo or so where I look like Dooce.

I mean, she's pretty. But Dooce is Dooce and I'm Kate and I'm not Dooce.

There. I fixed it.

Skirt: Talbot's, via TJMaxx/Marshall's/whatever.r
Tee: Old Navy circa last century
Scarf: Plowsharing? MacroSun? one of my hippie shops on the Loop
Earrings: MOM


Diana said...

I absolutely love that scarf!

The outfit definitely has a middle school art teacher vibe, but I love that. A lot of my favorite outfits tend to channel that art teacher vibe, which is somewhat funny, since I'm actually a librarian.

Jennifer said...

I just love your pretty face and pretty outfit

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