Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Kate

Happy Monday! My day went by fast, which is a good thing, because I really hated my outfit today and want tomorrow to be here so I can try, try again.

Remember when I mentioned that I was aiming to make all future purchases leather-free? I was looking for boots and was turning up empty-handed? And then you said that you feel like you can't find quality leather boots anywhere? And then I said that I would forward you cute leather shoes and you forward me cute non-leather shoes? And, and, annnndd remember? Anyway, it turns out that there are non-leather shoes out in the world, right under my nose. Target? Heck yes! Which makes sense, I guess - leather is expensive and Target is not. Anyway, I went into a Payless this weekend for the first time in forever and I ended up leaving with some faux-leather sandals - success! Except that I wore those sandals today and felt like a bum. Success?

I hope you feel inspired this week and that the rut you feel like you're in is officially a thing of the past!


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