Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Kate

You already know that I adore you, but now, I would like to declare to the whole wide (web) world that I think you're the bomb-diggity.

Hey! World! Do you know what Kate did? I was on my way home last Tuesday, doing my thoia-thang (as Jarod would say), when I checked the mail like usual. On that day, however, my mailbox was holding a very special surprise from a very special lady.

It's too beautiful for words. Thank you so, so very much.


1 comment:

Kate said...

That is so weird seeing "my" shawl in your guestroom! It's like "Hey! That didn't just disappear! It's with my friend JEN!"

Oh and I forgot to tell you - there's one bit where the yarn is just a bit loose around one of the yarnovers (holes). That's not a snag; it's OK; it'll relax out over time.

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