Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 6/30/10

Today's outfit was decidedly uninspired:

And the picture is even worse.

But that's OK, because today was all about two new accessories. This:

Which I had custom-made at the super-awesome Central West End Art Fair a few weeks back (this is its bloggy debut, but not its life debut!).

And this:

Which is new, as of last night! :-)

...if ya think about it, tattoos are the ultimate accessory, aren't they? Permanent (well, pretty much), gorgeous, and personal. What better way to express yourself?

More info on the new ink is on my other blog, here, if you're interested.

Skirt: LLBean, superold, supercomfy
Cardi: Apostrophe by Sears, even older, even comfier
Tank: Target ($5 on sale this week, dudes! <3.)
Shoes: Michelle D by Dillards, super duper ooper old
Scarf: Plowsharing Crafts in the Loop
Necklace: artist at Central West End art fair
Earrings: MOM!
Tattoo: Nate at Allstar Tattoo

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