Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 6/1/10

Well, I went for it:

And Jen, YOU WERE RIGHT. I can - theoretically - totally pull this off :-) Next time it'll be with a black tank, I promise :-)

My favorite part of wearing long skirts is when I get to walk up stairs, and hold the skirt up so I don't trip. Makes me feel like I'm straight out of the 19th century!

Tee: thrifted, originally Target
Cardigan: Sears, circa EONS AGO.
Skirt: Marshalls, summer 2010
Sandals: somewhere, sometime (a long time ago)
Earrings: mumsie
Ring: booth at Maple Leaf, fall 2009

Thank you for daring me to step outside my comfort zone :-)

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Franca said...

That is an amazing skirt!

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