Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wardrobe Gaps - Jen - 2010

I am home today recuperating. I realized that I have not relaxed at all since breaking my foot, which means that the whole elevating and icing has not happened at all. Oops! So today, I have committed to staying off of my feet and doing nothing, which means I will actually be eating chocolate and watching The Office all day. Thankfully, work is being really flexible about everything.

Anyway, since I won't be getting dolled up today, it seemed like a dang good day to take inventory and map out the gaps that need to be filled in my wardrobe! Ugh, just typing that gives me anxiety. Need.so.much. (Want.so.much?)

Okay, yes, I know it's crazy that I think that I'm missing anything in the jeans department, but I really am!
  • Medium wash boot-cut jeans
I currently own 2 pairs of slacks, and I'm not particularly crazy about either one of them, so I think this section of my wardrobe is in need of some updating.
  • Black trousers hemmed for flats
  • Black trousers hemmed for heels
  • Grey trousers hemmed for heels
I have a habit of buying lots of tanks and camis, which I guess is a pretty good habit except that I know very little about how to style myself. In the hands of a fashion goddess, I'm sure all of my tops would be a dream, but I am clueless. My goal is to start buying with purpose, and from what I've learned thus far, I need more blouses! And short-sleeved tops! And and and andnnndndnd
  • Short-sleeved solid dark blouse (preferably silk)
  • Short-sleeved solid light blouse (preferably silk)
  • Button-down white shirt
  • Button-down light blue shirt
  • Button-down striped shirt
With the weather warming up so quickly, I would like to start wearing more dresses and skirts. Most of the dresses I own are on the shorter side and were okay with tights during the colder months, but tights are out of the picture now, and the dresses won't fly bare-legged.
  • Floral print dress
  • Light-colored striped dress
  • Floral print skirt
  • Grey pencil skirt
I am realizing that all of my cardigans are solid colors. Boring! I need to mix it up.
  • Khaki trench
  • Fitted dark blazer
  • (2) Short-sleeved cardigans in a fun print
  • (2) Long-sleeved cardigans in a fun print
I've already started my transition from exclusively wearing flats to incorporating some heels, and it is fun! Why didn't I do this sooner? There's so much missing in this section that I'm not even sure what's not missing.
  • Brown flat riding boots
  • Black platform sandals
  • Brown/camel-colored platform heels
  • Black platform heels
  • Black flats
Oh, man. Where on earth to begin!
  • Long strand of "pearls"
  • (2) fun brooches
  • Wide brown belt
  • Braided brown belt
  • White braided belt (I keep picturing this in my mind. I hope it exists!)
What else is my wardrobe missing?

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Alissa said...

A pair of red high heels. Great to wear with black pants and dark blazer, neutral dress shirts, grey pencil skirt and LBD.

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