Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Kate

Girl! GIRL! Next week I leave for Korea. For 2 1/2 weeks. That is cuh-razy. So, really, what shall I bring back for you? Jewelry? A shirt with a phrase written in Engrish? A little round Korean baby? YOU TELL ME. I WILL HOOK YOU UP.

I feel like I haven't bought clothes in a while, and I've been trying to wear the staples in my closet in different ways. It is hard, Kate. How do people do this everyday and just know what to throw together? I have panic attacks* and anxiety and frustration and general wardrobe suckage. It really does make sense that celebrities hire stylists.

I get my foot x-rayed next Monday. I cannot wait for the doctor to give me the greenlight to wear shoes that are not flats. Yes, you read that right. I want to wear something other than flats! Breaking my foot has made me into a new woman. It's also made Jarod into a new woman. I've never seen him do more loads of laundry or "cook" more meals in my life.**

Bring on the outfits, cutie patootie fafootie lalootie!


*I am sometimes prone to exaggeration.
**Do you think people will cry about the gender stereotyping? Only the ones without a sense of humor, right?


Kate said...

Korean baby please! With chubby cheeks and eyes that disappear when it smiles. :-)

(I just told Jeff that and now he's halfway glaring at me and looking thoroughly bemused)

I hear ya on the outfit mixing thing. I feel like I might be close to reaching a limit. Maybe that's because I haven't thrifted in over a month (and it's been almost that long since I bought clothes at all), but I'm feeling confused by my wardrobe right now. I think this weekend I'm gonna go thrift some proper summer clothes :-)

YAY X-RAY! :-)

Accidental said...

Yes, tiny Korean baby, please. I promise to be a very good grandma. I have every little smocked and ruffled dress that Katie ever wore. Honestly. I am ready.

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