Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Spoils: Tulle

So, that wonderful dress that I wore on Monday - it's from a company called Tulle. I'd never heard of this company before, but when my friend mentioned how pumped she was about an order she'd received from them, I was a-hankering to place an order of my own. So, I did. And then they sent me the wrong size. And then I had to send it back. And then they sent me the right size without expediting it (grumble grumble). ANYWAY, it was worth the wait, wouldn't you say?

I have been wanting to add some more short-sleeved cardigans to my wardrobe so that 1) I can stop wearing the same.dang.shrug. and 2) I won't melt in the Texas heat.

Oh, that's... not a cardigan! How did that get in there? (whistles innocently) Look, I really wanted to own a blazer, okay? Now I just need to figure out what to wear with it. Your suggestions are most welcomed.

I will certainly be purchasing from Tulle in the future. A word of advice: please follow their sizing charts! I wear a small in most brands, but not with Tulle. In fact, I think these new cardigans that I ordered in a medium are just barely large enough; definitely much shorter than I prefer. I hope they don't shrink like my shriveled heart.

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Diana said...

I just bought my first ever Tulle dress at a local boutique this week, and I am in love. I will definitely be checking out their website more now.

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