Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 4/19/10

Yesterday was another first for me - first time wearing a scarf as a belt!

Definitely a beginner's attempt, right? This is one of three scarves I thrifted last weekend in Kansas City, and I broke my "wash thrifted stuff before wearing" rule just for it - I figured there were enough other layers between me and the scarf to protect me from the ickies ;-)

Anyway, I LOVE this scarf.

But I think it would've worked better if it were just a bit wider, don't you? It's a relatively small square, so I had to roll it rather tightly to prevent it from going all loosey-goosey on me.

I love that necklace :-)

Dress: Old Navy
Skirt: thrifted, originally The Limited
Shoes: Softspots
Scarf-as-belt: thrifted, vintage
Necklace: mummy
Earrings: Twisted Silver

PS>See, Mom? My head DOES turn the other way! :-D

1 comment:

Accidental said...

Shocking! The neck therapy has really worked! Love that scarf as a belt. Really.

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