Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Jen

When things get tough, the tough get going. And in my case, the tough things were work. And I'm tough too. So I got going. To work. For like a million hours last week. Which is why I wasn't here. (Which you already know, 'cause we've been talking over email, but I'm also saying it in this open letter, for posterity or something).

As long as I'm writing an open letter...

Dear Trader Joe's:

I have been a loyal customer of your establishment for nearly two years now. However, I have recently been very disappointed in the company's choice to discontinue the delicious baba ganoush-like eggplant spread, which I

Oh wait. Open letter to the wrong audience. I also need to try and replicate that baba ganoush on my own.

My point is, you rock. THANK YOU for carrying the blog last week. On a broken foot. Walking uphill both ways. With a little Korean baby on your back.

Have an awesome time in Korea! Imma miss youuuuuuu! When are you coming back? And can you arrange a (long) layover in St. Louis?


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