Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 4/5/10

The fashion magazines and makeover TV shows always talk about outfits "which can take you from work to after-work drinks in two easy steps."

Well, I have simplified it even more. Behold:

1)Go to work wearing this:

2)After work, go have drinks with co-workers wearing this:

Presto change-o, it's called "no one there cares what you look like anyway."

You'll thank me later.

In other words, this outfit is actually a bit of a breakthrough for me, because it's the first time I've worn this skirt with anything but a blue tee and black cardigan. I've had it for aaaaaages and I love it, but I've always been trapped in that "this is what I wear it with" box. Which, as you may know, is an exceedingly hard box to get out of. But I have succeeded! Maybe. Sort of.

Anyway, cute + comfortable + spring-y = win in my book :-)

Tee: GAP outlet, summer 2009
Cardigan: Target, winter 2009/2010
Flats: Michelle D (Dillards), summer 2006 or 2007
Skirt: American Eagle, 2005 (I was visiting Jeff in St. Louis when I bought this - he was napping and I didn't want to just sit around his parents' house being a nuisance, so I went to the mall and bought this)
Necklace: Don't remember. Very old.
Bracelet: mumsiewumsie
Earrings: Twisted Silver


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Accidental said...

And to think that it took YOU to break it down, simplify and then teach the world to wear the same outfit to work and out for drinks afterward! That's the genius coming out again, or something.

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