Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Kate

How was your weekend? I stayed home all weekend and played the Sims 3 and watched 4 movies. So, pretty productive.

I think it's hilarious that you love that I am wearing solid colors, because here's a confession: I am afraid of patterns and prints. I would estimate that 90% of my wardrobe consists of solid colors, because I am a wimp. And I'd actually started thinking about the huge possibility that my outfits would probably be more interesting if I stepped outside of my safe solid color box. You are turning my world upside-down! WHAT DO I DO, KATE. WHAT DO I DO.

All day I was trying to think about what I am going to bring back from Korea for you, and I can't think of anything! There are so many open-air markets, I really think you would be insanely happy shopping for days on end. I am sure that I will know what gift is meant for you when I see it, but if you have any special requests, clue a girl in!

Can't wait to see your new cardigan! And outfits! And cutie pie face!


P.S. I think I miss winter, too?

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