Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Spoils: Lots of places

Now that I've got job/financial security for the first time in several months, I've decided to splurge just a bit. Also, it turns out I don't get to go to New York next month as planned (boo!). So last night I made the rounds - Avalon Exchange (resale), Old Navy, and the Gap.

I set out with one goal in mind: BUY INTERESTING STUFF. No more super-basic tanks or solid-colored skirts. I needed a couple new pretty dresses and a cardigan for early fall. Shirts with interesting detailing or prints (like Jen always rocks!). Shoes. BOOTS.

So how did I do?

See for yourself...

This hits right above the knee, and I love the print (it reminds me of silk cocoons). Only $11 at Avalon, but it's from Target originally so is it really branching out *that* much?

$12 at Avalon. I love the cropped length, and the button detailing is SO CUTE!

I think that one warrants a close-up:

Gah. J'adore.

Then, Old Navy:

Simple cotton cardi, but with embellishments! Be proud of me, y'all. I can't wait to wear this with my brown cowboy boots and one of my black pencil skirts. And I'm SOOOOOO glad to see dark colors back in the stores - all those brights were wearing me out!

But that's where my ambitiousness ends. There was a $5 tee sale, and...

Sorry guys, I tried. Grey and white. Crewneck. Fitted. SNORE. (but also needed in my wardrobe)

I went to the mall and poked around in Anthropologie, but nothing on the sale racks were calling me and I'm feeling too poor for even a $40 skirt right now. So I dashed into the Gap before the mall closed, where I tried on lots of stuff that pushed my comfort zone - pleated front jeanskirts, a maxi dress, and an oversized woven shirt. But all I left with was this:

Yes that's a navy-blue zip up. No I don't have one already. No it's not exciting. But it was $13 (cheaper in store than online!) and I really needed it! So there's no guilt associated with this one. :-)

Overall, though...I'm not all that proud of myself. I really like what I got, but I should've pushed my boundaries even further. Maybe I'll stop by my favorite Goodwill soon, but then I'll be saving my money for a trip to Kansas City (and shopping with a girlfriend!) in August. And on that trip I'll do even better. I promise you.


Melissa said...

I love the skirt and the two cardigans. I think it's a great jumping off spot into broadening your horizons.

And everyone needs basics. You shouldn't feel guilty about that.

I think you did great!

Diana said...

I love the buttons on that cardigan!

Jennifer said...

You done good, girrrrrl!

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