Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Jen

Hey Jen! Did you know that yesterday was Monday?

Well, fine.

But I didn't.

Guess what my outfit was yesterday? Guess! Just do it! I dare you!

What's that you're saying, "Something cute"? Oh, Jen. How wrong you are.

YOGA PANTS. AND A TSHIRT. WHICH I DIDN'T EVEN TAKE OFF IN ORDER TO PUT ON A BRA. Which is why there were no outfit photos either because honestly who needs to see THAT?


BTW, last night I SO dreamed that we were hanging out! I'm not quite sure of the situation - there was a big room with linoleum floors and a circle of chairs, and at one point you and I went off separate from Jarod and Jeff and were hanging out with other girls. There may have been camping involved? I dunno. But you were there! Hi Jen!

OKbye. Gotta potty the doggie.


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