Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Kate

Happy July 4th! Er, 5th! Did you have the day off, today? I did, and I needed it to recover from the insane sunburn I have, courtesy of Canyon Lake. Or technically, I guess it should be "courtesy of the sun." Either way, THANKS, WORLD.

I'm wearing a red shirt today. It blends in beautifully with my skin. Sunscreen, you've failed me for the last time!

Kate, thanks for letting me whine about my sunburn. I'll save the whining about how my skin will turn to leather for Jarod. You rule me.


1 comment:

Kate said...

SPF70, baby! :-D (oooh although I've gotta start trying that carrot stuff that Diana mentioned! Scary ingredients in my Neutrogena = notsoawesome).

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