Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Jen

Out of the many, many benefits to cycling on my commute, I can only come up with one big negative:

outfit coordination.

Some days it isn't too bad, but some days - like today - I feel like a hot mess. I wanted to wear a button-down, so I had to wear something underneath with sleeves (so I didn't sweat through). So button-down + half-sleeve tee. OK. Then I wanted to wear a pinstriped pencil skirt (which is part of a suit set and I've worn it like once). OK.

The problem occurred when I attempted to - just as every other day - hop onto my bike. It was then that I realized: the cute pinstriped pencil skirt wasn't exactly conducive to hopping (I actually said "Nice. Hopping." to myself :-D).


That one won't be happening again. I don't think "hot mess" is at all an exaggeration of my condition today.

Lesson learned? No pinstriped pencil skirt on the bike. Oh, and multiple layers - no matter how well-intentioned - are not the best idea for a 90*+ day.

Yes, I must be *told* these things.



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