Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Spoils: miscellaneous

EDITED: Fixed the pictures.

I went shopping on Saturday. It wasn't a "pop into the store and look around" or a "just browse a bit". It was actual SHOPPING.

And nevertheless, I just came away with a few items. Either I'm too stupid to figure it out, too discriminating, or too parsimonious.

Either way, though, I love what I *did* get.

($7.99, clearance, New York & Co.)

This is the most perfect-fitting shirt ever. EVER. It's amazing. It's one of those ones where I came out of the dressing room to show my shopping partner and then there was *mutual* squee-ing.

So you know what I did, right?

Yup. Bought it in two colors. But hey - are they not both patterned (thus filling a wardrobe gap)? Are they not both supercheap? And versatile? YES. So it's OK.

I love this plaid.

It reminds me of fabric from the '30s.

And then...another plaid shirt came along:

This one is a bit different though, eh? Decidedly more casual, in a cotton/linen blend and an awesome color palette that reminds me of my grandma (in a good way). This was only $12 at Marshall's - how could I resist?

These next couple items just rock my world. Back about a month or so ago when I was feeling really uncertain about my job (ie, "would I still have one?" and was griping to my mom about the recent dearth of clothing purchases, she picked up a couple items for me, so I wouldn't have to be new-clothes-less forever and ever. THAT'S WHAT MOMS ARE FOR, YO.

I LOVE this top. The jersey fabric is so incredibly soft and comfy, and I can already think of about 40 bazillion ways to style it.

Check out the super-cute neckline detail:

(Does it remind you of something Jen would wear?)

Actually, I may wear it today :-)

Finally, check out this gorgeousness:

Mom got that at a shop in Lawrence, KS when she was there with friends recently. I love it! The color is *so* "me", don't you think? I can tell already it'll be a frequently-worn wardrobe staple :-)

New clothes = happy Kate.


Alissa said...

Like plaid much? :)

Actually, that George top is very similar to the one I have from Banana Republic in green! Yes, it does look very Jen...but I think I have the same tastes as Jen!

Accidental said...

Wow! Your mom is incredible!

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