Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Jen

OK I think you buy more clothes than I do, right? This isn't a trick question or anything, I swear. But yeah - I think you buy more than I do.

HOWEVER. I have just returned from a full day (err...Saturday) of shopping with a girlfriend, at one of the best retail destinations in all of the City of Kansas (or, "Kansas City". Which is in Missouri, actually. I'm consistently surprised by how many people - many Missourians, even - fail to realize that.)


Is that I spent a whole day clothes-shopping, and guess what I came away with? Three plaid button-down tops, and two pairs of tights. Oh and veggie pizza for lunch and lots of awesome "female bonding time" or whatever they're calling it these days.


THE POINT IS that I think I've forgotten how to shop. Which would be bad. OR, perhaps I've become more discriminating in my tastes? Perhaps it's because I'm not just willing to drop cash on any little whatever that catches my fancy? (I think it's that. Now that I'm feeling fabrics and reading labels and examining seams and HOLY CRIKEY I'M NOT KIDDING, there are a lot fewer clothes that I'm even willing to try on - a lot of things which I would've bought just for shits and giggles before, I'm now bypassing due to quality or longevity issues.)

So, dear Jen, I ask you - you seem to find a lot of good stuff, and you find it consistently. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO IT? Because for me, the good stuff was very few and far between. Or else super 'spensive. and I just can't swing the 'spensive.

Unless it's for Fluevog :-D


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Jennifer said...

Force a very fashionable friend to tell you exactly what to buy! My friend is Thao, and you can't have her as she's all mine - sorry!

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