Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Kate

You may have noticed that I've been pinning my bangs back recently. Okay, maybe you haven't noticed but Jarod has and has been telling me how cute and pretty and blah blah barf I look, so I asked him point-blank.

"Do you prefer me without bangs?!"

Because my bangs are kind of my thing - not my thing as in no one else has them, but I have them and wear them a particular way, and I've had them and worn them a particular way for some time. Anyway, Jarod is very cautious about how he answers these kinds of questions.

"I like ALL long hair."

Okay, so he doesn't not like my bangs? He just prefers all of my hair to be the same length? What?

Soooo, I'm growing my bangs out and my forehead feels naked.

Oh, and happy Monday! ;)


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