Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 8/2/10

First day at my new job!

This is what I wore:

Jeff helped me choose something that said "age appropriate and fun outfit which shows I'm a responsible person who's not afraid to kick ass but won't be mean just for the sake of it and is respectful of her superiors, and who is also very good at her job and is friendly and nice and you should like her."

It says a lot, I think.

Closed-toed shoes in case sandals are a no-no (though now I've learned - they're OK), respectfully long yet youthfully short skirt, cardigan in case the building was freezing but tee underneath in case it was roasting. And tattoos 'cause I'm not afraid to hide them.

And I even got a compliment on my earrings.

(Have y'all ever noticed that an earring compliment is just about the safest, nicest, lowest-backfiring-rate-est way to pay a compliment? And unless they're just silver studs or something, surely you can come up with something great - and genuine - to say. WIN!)

And now that I'm home for the day, this is me:

Sleepin' on my feet!

(almost) EVERYTHING: Target
Shoes: Not Target
Earrings: Mom

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Jennifer said...

Perfect choice! Gosh, you look wonderful in green.

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