Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Kate

Have you seen Despicable Me? LOVED IT. Anyway, the entire time I kept thinking that it was awesome that Gru was wearing a turtleneck sweater. What kind of villain wears a turtleneck sweater!


Oh, I couldn't help but notice the goodies in your most recent Spoils post. Looooove everything. Waaannt everything. Gimmmeeee everythiiiinnnngg. (PLEASE.)


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Kate said...

I was watching a DVR'd episode of Undercover Boss and it was the one with the guy who owns Silver Dollar City and (surprise!) it turns out he's a conservative born-again Christian. And guess what he was wearing? A MOCK-TURTLENECK AND A BLAZER. I *typical*! I just couldn't take him seriously after that.

Also, he may have been a villain. He seemed kind of pervy and had that whole "holier than thou" thing going on and you know how I feel about that.

HOWEVER - I wear turtlenecks. Does that make me evil? Hmm...

Jennifer said...

You are not evil! I just think it's awesome that he's wearing a turtleneck. Awesome and fashionable. :)

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