Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yay or Nay

Happy long weekend, everybody! I get to fill my time with errands! and cleaning!

I know you're jealous. You should be.

So here's a question for y'all. I bought this last week at Marshalls:

Supercute, isn't it? I love the prints and the sorta full shape, but it's sort of hard to pull that off when you're 5'2" (I'm wearing it with heels, above).

Maxi skirts are in lately, right?

So if I wore it with a shorter top to balance out my proportions (I just threw it on with the rest of Wednesday's outfit for the above photos), d'you think it would work? DOES it work?

Honest opinions, please. I want to make sure I'm not foregoing good sense in favor of OOH A PRETTY PRINT AND NICE SOFT COTTON!



Jennifer said...

I would love to see your top swapped out for a black tank - show some skin! (cat call)

Jennifer said...

Ooh, with a headband! And strappy sandals (I know there is the height thing). So bohemian and cuteee

Leona said...

I like it! But personally, I think wearing it with the black top is doing you no favors. The skirt actually looks kinda muted, for a print - try a nice bold color with it, like you have underneath (or maybe even white). A tank, strappy sandals, and a necklace would look lovely with it! :)

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