Monday, May 3, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 5/3/10

Sometimes I feel as though my outfits have a mind of their own. Take today, for example. No matter how hard I tried to resist, this sweater *insisted* on being belted:

Even though today I felt sooooooo icky and bloated and chocolate craving-y (you know what that means) and really wanted to feel like I was wearing my bathrobe. But then the belt went on. Then my comfy jersey skirt replaced itself with the pencil one seen above. Then my sensible low maryjanes turned into my insensible sky-high ones.

Darn you, outfit! Don't I get a say in anything?

What's that? Just the jewelry? Oh, Ok. I'll take what I can get! :-D

Sweater: Filene's Basement in Chicago, Feb. 2010
Tee: GAP outlet, summer 2008
Skirt: Sears, summer 2008
Shoes: ummmm...Macy's? Summer 2008
Belt: Urban Outfitters, winter 2009/2010
Earrings: MOM!
Bracelet: ME! :-)

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