Friday, May 28, 2010

Daily Outfit - Jen - 5/28/10

No pictures, I know. Sorry! Honestly, though, how many times do you really want to see variations on this outfit? Today's version: white tee and my platform Target sandals. Boring! Comfortable and extremely boring.

This weekend, we have out-of-town friends who will be nearby tubing on the river. They are majorly pressuring us to join them, so I may need to do some last minute swimsuit shopping. I don't even remember how to shop for a swimsuit. Is it like riding a bike? It'll all come back to me, right?

There is a J. Crew swimsuit I've been lusting after, but with my track record of flipping over in my tube on the river, I don't know how practical a red-orange bikini is. At least I'll be easy to spot for the rescue team.

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