Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Kate

This week, your Korea souvenir is going in the mail! Are you so excited! I am so excited. I hope you really, really, really (REALLY) love it.

Speaking of loving things, I love you in this skirt. And I am crazy about you in a headband. Let's just wear headbands all the ding dang dong time. There's not a rule against that, right? I have a few, but most of them hurt my big ass head. I get massive headaches, and I'm pretty sure they stem from the pressure of the headband behind my ears. Sad, eh? Since I love my Korean headband and it doesn't hurt at all, is it acceptable to wear it all day everyday? I've been kicking myself for only bringing one home.

I felt so wonderful on Friday, I am inspired to make this entire week wonderful! I haven't planned a single outfit, but I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.

Headbands, twirly skirts, cute sandals - man, I am loving spring.


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