Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Kate

What day is it! I'm all mixed up! Korea is awesome. There's so much to see and eat and do!

Do you know what's dangerous? Me. Specifically me shopping in a foreign country. Jarod and I went to a department store yesterday, and it turns out that I am an utter dumbass. Department stores in Korea are actually tall buildings with lots of floors and stores and food and everything - it sounds like a mall but it's pretty different from the typical American mall. There are people everywhere and you can't so much as glance at anything without being approached by a salesperson. I hate when people say this, but you really just have to see one to understand.

ANYWAY. We were really just looking around for fun, and I ended up buying a baby dress for my honorary niece and a cute vest for myself. While smart people research currency conversions when traveling, dumb people (me) just wing it. Oh, and guess what. Dumb people get screwed. I didn't even get screwed by any salespeople. I totally screwed myself by 1) not looking at the price-tags and 2) not knowing how to convert the currency. Dumb, dumb, dumby, dumb, dumb. Dumb? Dumb.

Thankfully, my family is insane(ly generous) and that is literally all we have been able to purchase since arriving in Korea. I lied. We bought some coffee.

There is an H&M near the hotel (uh, freaking 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, dining room, office, kitchen, wtf hotel suite) we are staying in for the next couple of nights, so I'm going to check it out SINCE H&M REFUSES TO OPEN A STORE IN TEXAS. Thanks.


P.S. You're a cutie.

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