Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Kate

This weekend flew by FAST. Don't all weekends, though? Why is the ratio 5 days work : 2 days play? And then 2 days play actually become 2 days running all the errands you can't run during the work week. Dumb!

Anyway, I took a personal day yesterday to get said errands done. Then I somehow ended up with my nephew and between trips to various stores, we got in some good sidewalk chalk time and Harry Potter time.

I want to start wearing tights and boots and scarves, but the temperature has started creeping back into the 90s. Why is this happening to me? I volunteer. I pay taxes. I recycle. Shouldn't I be entitled to some nice weather?

Awaiting details of your closet-clean-out,

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Kate said...

Ooooh a personal day. I should take one of those soon. I need to give my house some serious attention and deep cleaning (it's at that point where it looks OK on the surface but I see all sorts of stuff i need to do - scrub the floors, wash the walls, clean out under the kitchen sink, dust the ceiling fans - that kind of stuff.

But hey that has nothing to do with style. So I'll shut up about it now.

Yes, you do need cool weather! The tights are calling you...:-)

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