Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Kate

This weekend we went to eat with my family. When we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, the sprinkler system was running. Jarod threatened to walk me through the sprinkler, but I didn't believe him, because - well, I just didn't believe him. So we were holding eachother like dweeby lovey-dovey dweebs, walking to the entrance, when Jarod made a sharp turn and walked us both through the sprinkler. How is that relevant to this blog? I was wearing clothes. Jeans (surprise) and a Red Sox t-shirt (actual surprise).

One of my best friends sent me an entire outfit from H&M for my birthday. My favorite item? The purse! I can't wait to switch purses and wear it everyday until it falls apart. I was pretty devastated that the skirt - which is so ding dang dong adorable - would not remotely zip up. What's up with the inconsistent sizing, H&M? I SAID WHAT'S UP.

Anyway, it was hot again today. Texas weather is a tease.


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