Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Jen

You know what I realized, as I pulled on my favorite shawl this morning?*

For one who knits so much - and who wears so many knitted items - there's a surprising dearth of knitting on my daily style blog. WHY?

This is inexcusable. It shall be rectified. You have my word. Maybe that will even be my style goal for fall :-)

Have you thought about laying out a single, specific style goal for this season? Will you try it if I do?


*No outfit pics today. I forgot before I put on my snowflake-print flannel pyjama pants and you know I love y'all but that's not enough to get me out of my snowflake-print flannel pyjama pants once I've got 'em on. Sorry.

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Jennifer said...

It IS inexcusable! You BEST rectify it. :D

I've not thought about it, but I need to. The fall snuck on me, and I like it!

Please post pictures of snowflake flannel pajama pants. I promise to never ask for anything ever again.

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