Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Dear lovely Kate and lovely readers,

I will be flying out to San Francisco early tomorrow with my friend, Thao, to be a prisoner at Alcatraz, a humungous pinecone admirer at Muir Woods, and a glutton at various eateries.

I am excited to do some shopping. It's been a while. Thao has told me drool-worthy stories of a boutique called Aritzia, which I am really pumped about as we do not have one locally. Maybe I can try to impress you all by thrifting or buying something handmade by a local artisan? We shall see!

My outfit posts will resume next Wednesday, but I promise to be held accountable for my fashion choices by tweeting my outfits on the trip. I hear the weather is significantly cooler in San Francisco, so I fully expect to be wearing jeans - don't worry! I'll try to keep it a little fancy.

Have the happiest and safest Labor Day weekend in the history of Labor Day weekends!


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