Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 9/1/10

Y'all know what September hails...


And apparently "shake hands with the mayor* season" and "this outfit is really cute but the pictures suck because my lens's motor is dying" season

As if I had to tell you.

As you can see, now the mayor* is attempting to eat my hand. The mayor* is fickle.

I broke my own rule about "don't wear thrifted clothes 'till you wash them" just for this occasion. I LOVE this skirt and when it was literally sitting on the floor next to the blue plaid top, I couldn't *not* wear them together, y'know?

Also, some random student at work complimented me on the belt. So that's cool.

Skirt: thrifted
Top: NY & Co., 2010
Cardigan: Francesca's Collection, 2009-ish
Belt: thrifted
Boots: LLBean
Earrings: Mum

Random 1970's-esque hair feathering:


*She's not actually the mayor. In case you hadn't figured that out. But she does like to shake hands and kiss babies and make stump speeches**.
**By which I mean, pee on stumps.

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Melissa said...

Super cute! I love the bright yellow skirt and the boots are awesome.

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