Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 9/14/10

Oh man it feel like it has been AGES since I've been able to wear normal (read: non "businesswoman-y") clothes. But it's really only been like 5 days. But still.

Here's the thing: even though I've been in a white-collar office job for over two years now, I've thus far managed to elude the whole "button-down shirt, slacks and pumps" environment. First by hiding out with a bunch of architects, now by barricading myself in my office in a tiny corner of academia. I've never worked somewhere that frowns upon handknitted shawls or twirly skirts or even pink cowboy boots (though maybe not all three at once). I've been very lucky.

But even so, there are still occasions - forgive me for not going into more detail (I like to keep work and play decidedly separate) - where a girl's gotta look uber-professional, and neutral, and remove all potential for offense. Enter the black pumps, grey a-line skirt, and crisp blue top. I figure that also justifies the lack of outfit posts this past week ;-)

And now that I'm back to normal, I'm...back to normal :-)

I thought this picture was really cute 'till Jeff pointed out that Roxie's hiney looks like a dead turkey on the floor next to me.

Sorry, Roxie. Nothing personal.

This necklace + this cardigan + these shoes = my new most favorite thing ever.


Jennifer said...

I laughed aloud at Roxie's backside, hahhaa. But not at you! You're looking lovely, shnookums!

Accidental said...

Leave it to Jeffrey! Um, is that, uh, her tail there between her legs, or, uh, well, you tell me. I am concerned.

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