Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Jen

Can I just tell you how much I want to go to San Francisco now? Seriously. THIS MUCH. I gotta confess I looked at the Facebook pics before your post of awesomeness on Wednesday, and I LOVE it. I think you had pretty much the best - and the most well-dressed - vacation ever.

But guess what the real bitch of it is? Jeff is going there too. This week. This THURSDAY. No fair! I hope he brings me something pretty. If he doesn't, I might pout.

So as you mentioned in your letter yesterday, yeah I just came off the biggest working marathon ever. EVER. As in like, at various points in time it seriously crossed my mind that "maybe I should just stay here and sleep on the couch in my boss's office and as long as I wake up before anyone comes in tomorrow no one will know the difference." But I survived. And y'know what else? I DID IT ALL IN 4" HEELS.

Damn my feet hurt.


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