Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/2/10

I tried to fix this picture.

I failed. It's green now, instead of yellow. This is not much of an improvement, merely a difference.

I think the best way to not have sucky photos is to not *take* sucky photos.

And how do I avoid taking sucky photos?

DON'T TAKE THEM AT 8:00PM. Duh. (Or, actually take my fancy camera off no-flash-auto once in a while)

Also, remember this outfit - because later, we shall be playing a little game called "what could have been". Brace yourselves.

Tee: Old Navy
Scarf: somewhere in Chicago
Skirt: thrifted
Tights: American Eagle, via Marshall's
Shoes: Naturalizer (a lady complimented me on them when I went to vote last night :-))
Earrings: mum


Alissa said...

You have a D40/D60 right? Turn your white balance to "incandescent" (sp?). That'll make your camera give more blue, which will cancel out the yellow/orange. (I'm assuming your using regular living room light bulbs). See if that helps any.

Jennifer said...

Green hue aside, I absolutely adore this outfit. :)

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