Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Jen

You know what my most FAVORITE part of Halloween is?

Not the leftover candy.

Not watching Rocky Horror and drinking a Blue Moon.

Not even getting to see the neighborhood kidlets all dressed up (which is good, 'cause we only had a couple this year :-()

No, my favorite part of Halloween is daydreaming about costumes.

I always come up with these grand ideas which never come to fruition. And y'know what? That's OK. Just because it occurs to me, doesn't mean I have to do it.

Besides, it would be pretty lame to spend the evening sitting on my couch in a costume. (Because spending the evening sitting on my couch in normal clothes is lame enough, TYVM)

So instead I just content myself to come up with awesome ideas. And maybe tell Jeff, "How cool would THAT be?!" and then rinse and repeat. There's no investment, so what's the harm?

But I won't be sharing any of those awesome ideas. Because someday, we're going to have Hooplings. And we'll take them trick-or-treating. And then I'll have a perfectly legitimate reason to dress up. And eat candy.

In the meantime, now I've got several years to find an old belted housedress. And a glass-topped walking stick. And black knit pants. (those are all for different ideas, btw. ...or ARE they?!)

Long live Halloween!


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