Friday, November 5, 2010


Help me! I'm trapped! I see...circuits! And fans! And a giant LCD! AND I CAN'T GET OUUUUTTT!

...Wait. That's my plan for if I ever get trapped in the computer.

Now, however, I retire an entirely different form of help.

Last night, you see, Jeff and I went glasses shopping. And I'll be damned if I can't make up my mind. I have three contenders to choose from. And I need your input.

Things to keep in mind:

* I never wear contacts, so these things will be on my face for 16 hours a day for the next five-ish years.
* I want some which are kinda funky, but not too funky. Not too much one "look", but versatile and good with all sorts of outfits and hairstyles &c. Glasses which are really *me*, y'know?
* I have ridiculously close-set eyes (thanks Dad), so that makes it sort of hard to find glasses which fit my eyes (ie, so my eyes are in the center of the lens) *and* my face (ie, so that they don't look like I crammed kids' glasses on my face).

Contender #1: (hair down)

Contender #1: (hair up)

These frames are actually a burgundy-purple color. I love the slight cats-eye shape, but I'm not wild about how they're only half-rim or whatever - I think they make my face look too top-heavy. I also think that if you look at them on my face straight-on, they're kind of too small (they don't go to the edges of my face, and the arms are a bit stretched outward. Not much, but a bit.)


Contender #2: (hair down)

Contender #2: (hair up)

These are actually pretty neat - they're not black; they're three layers of plastic. The outer layer is a transparent blue; the middle layer is a dark reddish brown; the inner layer is a blonde tortoise-shell. So when they're on, they mostly look dark brown. But then there are flashes/hints of the blue, when that catches the light. And the tortoiseshell gives them a super cool textured/mottled look. However, I'm not sure if they may look a bit dated really quickly? And I think they're a bit big for my face. But I like the height of the lenses, too.


Contender #3: (hair down)

(you can tell I was really sick of this game, by this point. Slumped shoulders...tired smile..."just take the damn picture" expression...)

Contender #3: (hair up)

These are also dark brown - not black. The only thing I really like about them is they make my face look nice and angular, and they've got the whole "sexy nerd" vibe. But would that get annoying after a (very short) while? Or is it awesome?


Last night I just couldn't make up my mind. This morning, however, I'm tempted to scrap all three, and go look somewhere else. So help me out, here. Should I go with:

Pair #1

Pair #2

Pair #3

or Pair #go-look-somewhere-else;these-all-suck


PS>Mom likes #2. Jeff and a random stranger like #1. The salesguy liked #3.

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Megan said...

I like both 2 and 3 the best, but I think 3 fit your face just a bit better. Also, when it comes to the color of the number 2 glasses, I think it's a subtle enough thing that it wouldn't clash with whatever you're wearing, but obviously I've only seen them in the picture!

Natalie said...

I like #1... I used to have a pair similar to those and I loved them mostly because they didn't seem so overwhelming on my face... does that make sense?

You do look great in all three pairs though, so I can see why you are having a problem making a decision! :)

Jennifer said...

Ugh, I am going to be no help. I like 1 & (2 &) 3 the best!

Diana said...

My favorite pair is number one. I actually really like the half rim, and I think they're very flattering on you.

Crystal said...

Though I like the colours of #2, I like #3 best. I think they look the most flattering on you.

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