Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily Outfit - Kate - 11/8/10

I rarely wear this sweater because it's acrylic. And every time I wear it, I really wish it were wool instead.

To me, acrylic just doesn't breathe. It pills up really quickly and looks ragged and just doesn't feel nice against my skin.

But have you ever tried to buy a wool sweater with this much drape and yardage? For how much it costs, I may as well spend the same $$ on yarn, knit my own and get some fun out of it, too, right? :-P

But all that aside, I did like yesterday's outfit. The color palette really worked for me: a bright primary (the tights), a bright secondary (the sweater), and a muted secondary (the tank), along with neutral browns. I doubt that's a formula you'd find in any color guidelines, but I liked it :-)

Sweater: somewhere in Chicago, 2/2010
Tank: Target
Skirt: Sears, circa 2008
Maryjanes: no clue
Tights: F21
Earrings: Mom

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