Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily Outfit - Kate - 1/24/11


I just finished this sweater!


That's a crappy picture! So here's a better one - of an almost-identical outfit - from Sunday!

I <3 my new sweater. I <3 that I made it.

This outfit was the perfect cozy winter getup. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get daylight pics, because my awesome Scarfshop scarf matched the teal in my sweater *perfectly*. And I know I don't usually go for matchy-matchy, but I think there are worse things in life than matching your scarf to your sweater, right? The corduroy skirt and quintessential LLBean boots just make everything wonderful.

dark purple + teal + grey + cream = my new favorite. *Really* wish I had better pics so it could be your new favorite too.

Cardigan: ME!!!!!
Turtleneck: Target
Scarf: Scarfshop
Skirt: GAP
Boots: LLBean
Tights: Target
Earrings: MUM!


i bake cookies said...

The sweater looks amazing!

Diana said...

Love the sweater!

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