Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Jen

Well, since you asked...


I ride to work (in 17* temps. Brr!). I work. I come home. I knit 'till my fingers fall off.

I do it all again the next day. And shall continue that way, until Christmas.

I now feel the urge to start singing, "Tis the season to knit 'till ya bleed. fa la la lala, la la la la" "And, to do absolutely no-thing else, fa la la lala, la la la la". In case you were wondering, yes I do miss cooking and blogging and mindlessly trawling Google Reader.

Yesterday's outfit was hella cute, BTW. It involved red, pink, purple, and two shades of brown. And was in no way "busy", somehow. I rocked it.

Just wish I'd taken a picture of it.

Can I borrow a bit of your "blogging every day" motivation? :-)


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